About Us

Passion. Pets. Purpose.

Torrey Highlands Pet Health Care Center is a brand-new facility powered by veterinary professionals with decades of experience. We aspire to be the center of your pet's health care and to exceed your expectations. Our approach is simple, we partner with you for the well-being of your pet.

We profoundly believe that we, veterinary professionals and family members, should put our heads together and do the best we can for your pet within your wishes, limitations and expectations, remembering that our core mission is the well being of your pet. We focus on creating a family-like atmosphere and settle for nothing less than excellence in every aspect of medicine.

We believe that you and your four-legged family member wish to be something other than “next”. You and your pet want to be greeted by name as you enter our pet care facility. The client care specialist, veterinary technician, and Dr. Donald Wood should be more than a professional acquaintance, they should be your friend and sincerely interested in the health and well being of your pet. We offer a calm, low-key, fear-free approach coupled with excellent veterinary care and expectation of excellence. We have decades of experience and knowledge but are not comfortable in the common multi-location corporate model that is becoming veterinary medicine today.