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Kitten Wellness Package at THPHCC

Get your kitten off on the right paw by starting your kitten care at THPHCC!

It is important that your new kitten be examined by a trusted veterinarian within a few days of acquiring. Vaccines protect your kitten and other cats from potentially fatal illnesses. Just like human babies, kittens need basic immunizations to take over when maternal antibodies fade. The kitten vaccination series is one of the most important aspects of your cat’s early life. Kittens should be vaccinated every 3-4 weeks, starting at 6-8 weeks of age. A detailed vaccination plan that takes your kittens "lifestyle" and risk of exposure to disease will be developed by THPHCC veterinarian, Dr. Donald Wood, in consultation with you.

There are core (everybody gets them) and non-core (FIV, etc.) vaccines. We will develop a plan you have confidence in and are comfortable with. Routine vaccine visits also allow us to see your kitten every few weeks and monitor their growth and overall health. In addition to vaccinations and routine testing, our veterinary team will discuss the best diet plan, the importance of a microchip, spaying/neutering, and behavior, all tailored for your kitten.

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