Online Pharmacy

THPHCC is proud to offer In-Office and Online Pharmacy

Have your pet’s prescriptions filled at THPHCC! We carry many common medications and veterinary products in our hospital for your convenience. Medications not regularly carried in our pharmacy may be special ordered through our online pharmacy. Purchasing your pet’s medication through THPHCC guarantees that they come directly from the manufacturer. This ensures product authenticity and proper transport and storage to maintain product efficacy and quality. All heartworm and flea products purchased through THPHCC come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Also, our In-Office and Online Pharmacy offers select manufacturers rebates -woohoo! Yeah!!

Preventatives available In-Office:

  • Interceptor Plus for Dogs
  • Bravecto for Dogs
  • Nexgard for Dogs
  • Bravecto Plus for Cats
  • Revolution for Cats

Other Preventatives not listed above may be available through our Online Pharmacy where prescriptions can be ordered and shipped directly to your house!

Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy is with Covetrus:

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s medication.